What We Are

What is a Mystery Room?

A Mystery Room is like an Escape Room with a heavier emphasis on communication and storytelling.

In traditional Escape Rooms you are locked into a room with either friends or strangers, and must complete a series of challenges and puzzles in order to escape. These can range from simple puzzles to large complex machines, but always with the strict time limit.

A Mystery Room, takes this concept but adds story elements into the mix. The story, the clues and the puzzles all compliment each other for a new twist on this exciting concept. Hints and clues can be provided, but team work is always necessary to complete the test. Can you and your team achieve success?

Located at 617 Gerrard St. East, Ye Olde Dandy’s is ideal for those looking for adventures.


What is a Table Flippery?

A Table Flippery is a space where friends and family can safely fulfill their lifelong fantasy of flipping a table. Our wide variety of flippable items include childhood toys, board games to more elaborate set ups including traffic jams and block towers. We also offer the ability to bring your own items to flip off in a destructive burst of fun.

Participants can flip their tables by themselves or can reach out and participate with up to three friends.

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