The Sleazy Speakeasy

You will be able to select any of the campaigns upon reserving your booking. All campaigns will continue to operate and will not phase out.

The Puzzle Campaign

An Intermediate Campaign: Chaos at the Speakeasy! You and your team are accused of a terrible crime and you have only 45 minutes to exonerate yourselves or be taken away to the slammer! Can you figure out what happened using the pieces of the puzzle, or will you be left to rot?

The Card Campaign

An Advanced Campaign: Keep it hush-hush. They can’t go to the cops and you’re the best gumshoes they could afford. It’s up to you and yours to figure out what happened on poker night. Using only your wits, this challenging room will test your mental dexterity in new and interesting ways as you’re challenged to craft the story of whodunit or find yourself sleeping with the fishes.

The Wood Campaign – Available Now

A Beginner Campaign: Desperate and tired, two lovers torn apart by war have tasked you to reunite them. Can you figure out the secrets and help love conquer all?

The Music Campaign – Available early July

The Paint Campaign – Available early July

*More Campaigns will become available in July


Table Flippery

* pricing is for 1 person

  • $10 – A Simple Table Flip Set Up of Unbreakable Items
  • $20 – An Advanced Table Set Up: Breakable Items, Elaborate Set-Ups, BYOF’s (Bring Your Own Flips)
  • $5 – Additional People or Additional Items

Mystery Room

* Maximum 8 People Per Booking

  • $20 per person – Single Admission
  • $15 per person for 4+ Admission Tickets

Mystery Room & Table Flip

  • $25 per person – Includes single admission ticket to mystery room and a $10 flip category